Acne is noticeably less disruptive time facial skin their existence was more than one. Arguably the acne almost fulfill all of your facial skin. This sort of thing does not just damage the skin but also the confidence while on public. Acne is caused by excess production of oil glands on the face and then contaminated with dust can also with a layer of dead skin cells do not regenerate perfectly. As a result, it can clog pores - pore face and acne arises. Basically acne will experience a bright red color. It menandkan has occurred inflammation of the facial skin of acne. Red color was more noticeable in people with white skin color. (Also Read: How to Eliminate Acne Scars Red, Getting Rid of Acne Redness)
There are several causes of acne inflammation to become red, among others:
  • Food is still the first factor to reflect the overall health of the skin. So bersangkutannya food consumed with the skin, skin care from the inside can not be easy. Eating buahn - fruit and vegetables are better than fried - fried foods, nuts and fast food.
  • Excessive stress, when the body can no longer handle the mental problems associated with the work pressure skin so it can not do their job properly to regenerate. Causing acne due to stress are more hard to lose than acne arising from other factors.
  • Too often exposed to the sun makes the skin look unhealthy and increases risk of acne. Sun-exposed skin can become very dry and dry skin more prone to inflammation.
Red hue in the acne can be called with inflammation and acne scar due to mishandling. Red acne is difficult to remove. But you do not give up no advance there are still some steps that you can do to cope with red pimples in a way to disguise it from the skin