How To Overcome Red Acne

1. Using a moisturizer

After washing your face with soap you should also mangaplikasikan moisturizer afterwards. Moisturizer works to moisturize the skin, preventing skin dryness. This is important because dry skin will lead to excess production of oil glands in the skin. Which is precisely the condition becomes more severe acne and squeezing. And most important when buying a product composition Eucerin moisturizer make sure that works to reduce the redness of acne. (See also: moisturizer and cleanser for acne-prone skin and oily)

2. Make up

Using makeup on the face can also help overcome acne red for a while. But that acne is not a severe condition due to use makeup select mineral based products that do not irritate the skin. (See also: List of cosmetics for facial acne, Foundation for acne-prone skin)

3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste also been believed for a long time to solve the redness of acne. However, not all brands of toothpaste can be used to treat acne red. Toothpaste that can cope with red acne does not contain mint and fluoride. Both of these ingredients makes the skin becomes irritated and pimples become more. Without mint toothpaste and fluoride is good for acne because it contains a compound called silica. (See also: How to get rid of blackheads with toothpaste black)

4. Ice cubes

Ice Cube is the most natural step to overcome the red pimples. Way too easy to stay acne rub ice cubes on the red about 15 minutes and let it dry itself water from your skin. Guaranteed redness on the acne will fade away by itself. (See also: How to get rid of acne scars with ice cubes)

5. Taking antibiotics

The way this one red with acne taking antibiotics like tetracyclines are able to overcome your red pimples in a short time.

Those are some steps to solve the red pimples on the skin to disguise it for a while. While you are planning to treat red pimples on the skin can choose a natural ly. Alamai material free from side effects that might result in skin irritation and dependence application in a long time.