Pimple is a major enemy for young people or teenagers, especially women. This is because pimple usually appears in teenagers. Pimple is a very serious problem, because pimple can damage appearance and make us become not confident. For that pimple problem we have to overcome as soon as possible.

Before we discuss how to deal with pimples, we first identify the cause of the appearance of pimples on the skin, so we more easily in the prevention. Pimple appears due to the pores of the clogged facial skin, whether dust, dirt, oil, makeup remnants and so forth. This is because we rarely clean our facial skin. In addition, pimple facial skin can also be caused corn allergies, unsuitable makeup, offspring and many other causes.

To solve the problem of pimples itself is also not really difficult. There are so many drugs or creams that we can get at the nearest clinic or pharmacy. We can also use traditional herbs to overcome the problem of pimple. There are a lot of natural ingredients that we can use to treat pimple, one of the natural herb that is powerful to overcome pimple is an herb of aloe Vera and turmeric, even the herb can overcome pimple overnight. How do I make and use the ingredients? Here Tips Acid Overnight pimple With Aloe Vera And Turmeric. Source: https://pimplesremedyideas.com/ingrown-pimple/

Mix the two ingredients until well blended and become thick dough like pasta. Apply on facial skin evenly, especially skin pimples, let stand for a night, and rinse or clean in the morning until clean.

Why should aloe and turmeric. This is because aloe Vera contains anti-bacterial substances and anti-inflammatories that are able to heal wounds with a quick sting. Aloe virus is able to cure inflammation of pimple and prevent the appearance of red spots on the skin. While turmeric contains antiseptic that can kill the bacteria that cause the pimple with a very effective, In addition, turmeric is able to remove dead skin cells that can overcome pimple scars.