This is often very natural if there is more pimples that swell. Want to be applied concealer as thick as any, surely after a few hours will begin to disappear. Sure, if the pimple will be covered like anything will not disappear perfectly in prominent shape, but at least if covered concealer, red-brown color swelling will be closed and look more light.

As always, if you want more durable makeup and nempel do not forget to use face primer. This time my primary face is Monistat Complete Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel. Using her primer does not need much-a little bit and leveled slowly on the area of ​​acne.

Heavy Duty Concealer

Next to covering acne, I chose a concealer whose texture is solid and which does have full coverage. For the product I use MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Concealer. For maximum results, I prefer to apply it with a finger and tap it slowly or you can also use a concealer brush. Oh yes, to cover the puffy acne and give the illusion of flats, you can use concealer one to two tones darker than the original color of your skin.

Set it With Powder

Well, it's perfectly closed? Now it's time to set the concealer with loose powder. For this product I use is RCMA No Color Powder, but you can kok use other loose powder. The important loose powder should be translucent, yes. The use of loose powder is also thin and patted, so no baking! Because baking will make the acne area drier and reinforce the dry patches!